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Are your guides up to date with all the new WOW Changes?
Yes, my guides are updated on a constant basis in order to make sur eyou have the most current information. Right now the guide has been updated for the newest update, Patch 3.0.8 which went live on 1/20/09

Will I have the most powerful level 19 twink rogue after using your guide?
I cannot guarantee that you will have the most powerful twink out there, I am just providing you with details on how and where to get the best possible equipment to help you build your twink. Having the most powerful twink does not only come from what he has, it also comes from the skill YOU have when playing.

I got all the top gear you listed and still I get killed in the BG's?
Again, you have to develop your skill at playing a rogue, plus you also have to develop your own style of play and what build and equip is better for you. Plus having an ultimate twink does not mean you will never die, you may be way overpowered but solo against 2-3 other twinks you will have no chance. So keep that in mind that having a twink does not mean you are the best and can never die. Now if you have the best equipment, develop your own great skill and have a priest behind you, well then that is a different story.

Why does my payment say i have paid for access for 365 Days? I thought i get lifetime members access?
you do get lifetime members access to the updates for the guide(s) you have purchased. the reason it says 365 days, is becuase our billing company does not offer a lifetime payment service so we use the highest allowed time (365 days / 1 year) and then we manualy adjust your account to allow lifetime access. If you ever have any questions requarding this, please goto our contact page to reach us.

I have seen other twinks in WSG move so fast almost like they are blinking like a mage, how can I do that?
I have encountered this many times, that is some sort of speed hack (Cheat) they have on their system. I do not support this in any way, my guide will not show you how to use any cheats or hacks, nor will it show you where to get them. My guide is 100% legal and does not in any way violate Blizzard's TOS. If you are looking for hacks then my guide is not for you!!

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