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About Me

When i first started creating twinks on WOW i found it very difficult to find any information on the web about how to correctly create a the most powerful twink possible. all i found was lists of armor and weapons that didn't give you any information on how and where to get them.

Twinks are growing rapidly, you see more and more of them daily. The most popular is the 19 twink, i see more twinks in 10-19 BG then regular players.

I have spent alot of time (and Gold) putting together my twinks and helping guide others through the process of twinking, so i decided to make these guides available to everyone in order to help them make the ultimate twink.

I have many twinks on different servers, both Horde and Alliance, but my "Main" twink is Volkor which is a BloodElf on the Andorhal Realm.

I will be updateing this page with photos and Screenshots of all my twinks and will give you more details about each one.




If you are looking for more screenshots, please check out my Screenshots page.

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